MetaCX Glossary of Terms

Value Network
The framework for connection in MetaCX. Value networks align internal and external stakeholders on strategic initiatives and provide the highest level of organization in the platform.

Initiative Group
A space to organize your organization’s top-level objectives or strategic themes.

The tactical space to manage the work being done to ensure the success of an initiative.

A persistent, digital space where two or more organizations are able to come together to collaborate on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

The internal teams and external organizations—vendors, partners, agencies, investors, and more—you collaborate with in MetaCX.

The key deliverables by which you and other organizations in your ecosystem define value and measure success.

A measure of quantitative assessment that provides insight into how you are tracking toward the achievement of expected outcomes and delivery of value.

Metric Group
A group of related metrics that together visualize initiative progress.

A customizable data story with copy, images, and MetaCX objects that can be crafted to provide context to key insights and gain executive buy-in to enact change.

A time-series-based view of a metric within a specific timeframe.

A performance comparison between key stakeholders that visualizes how different organizations are progressing toward a metric target.

Action Plan
The tasks and subtasks needed to be completed in order to achieve a business goal or desired outcome.

The mechanism in which users communicate with each other in MetaCX. Users can comment on an array of MetaCX objects.

Any content relevant to an initiative or stakeholder group. This can be added through a hyperlink, or uploaded from a device.

A central view of the latest MetaCX activity including bridge views, comments, metric updates, and more.






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