How to Create a Dimension

Dimensions Overview

In data analytics and MetaCX, dimensions refer to the different attributes or characteristics that describe a data set or dataset's individual data points. These attributes can include things like location, product, customer, or any other relevant information that provides context to the data.

Dimensions are important in data analytics and MetaCX because they allow users to analyze data based on different criteria. By slicing and dicing data along various dimensions, analysts can gain deeper insights into patterns and trends within the data, identify correlations, and uncover insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Dimensions are a critical component of MetaCX because they allow users to adjust metrics to see event data in a more granular and meaningful way, which in turn leads to more informed decision-making and improved outcomes.

How to Create/Update a Dimension

1. Navigate to the MetaReactor

2. Click on the Dimensions button notated by the single dot bubble in the left corner of the screen

3. Click + Add Dimension

4. Title the Dimension with a Dimension Name and Map it to a metaKey or create a new one

5. Once created, click the + Add Element button in the top right corner of the Dimension page

6. Name the element in the dimension. Select an alternateKey to associate the element/dimension to, or create a new one.

7. Enter the value of the dimension.

8. Click Create, and the new value should appear in your dimension list.


Please note a couple of things in the above instructions. This is a way to create new metaKeys/dimensions that can be used in Signals and Metrics. It is important to ensure that proper planning has been done to create and add more elements into a dimension before sending data to be processed by a signal. Once the dimension is created it is ready to be used by a signal and can be used in the Key modal within signal creation. It can also be selected, if configured correctly, at the metric definition level as well--to be included in metric visualizations. Note also that you cannot delete a dimension, so ensure that the dimension you are creating is titled and described appropriately before creation.

To update any dimension you can follow steps 5-8 if more elements are needed per each dimension created.


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