How to Test Events

Event Testing Overview

To test events in MetaCX one will need a connection created within their MetaCX org and an API testing utility. For the purposes of this article we will be utilizing Insomnia API Client. Postman and other clients will work just fine in achieving the same goal.

How to Test Events

For more information you can refer to the MetaCX Instrumentation Guide found here. To keep it simple for testing purposes, we will discuss how to send sample events to a MetaCX connection. If you need more information on how to create an event you can refer to the prior article How to Create Events.

Here is our basic event that we're going to send to a MetaCX Tracking Script/Analytics connection. The data below is fake data--a real connectionId and a real companyId would replace the connectionId and the companyId fields below:

"connectionId": "55873221afaked39d7ef36",
"eventKey": "metricprocesstest",
"data": [
"companyId": "6c3f1a3fakeae94880bf06",
"amt": 2000



Method: POST

Headers: Content-Type:application/json

Format: JSON


In Insomnia this should look something like this:

From here--we will navigate to the JSON tab and prepare the body:

From there--simply press the purple Send button and if it works correctly, a 202 Accepted response will be returned.

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