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The Salesforce Integration allows customers to synchronize their Salesforce CRM “account” and “persons” objects to MetaCX. This unidirectional sync updates customers/people in MetaCX by utilizing a simple setup within the user-interface. It gives customers the ability to pick and choose which accounts are synchronized with MetaCX, and easily updates customers/people records therein by matching email addresses or accountIds. Overall, this allows customers to minimize the amount of time spent updating attributes in multiple places, by ensuring relevant attributes are synchronized from the customer’s system of record--in this case Salesforce!



  1. IF COMPANIES ALREADY EXIST WITHIN METACX: Companies will need to be properly synchronized with a SalesforceID to ensure that the connection, once the integration is established, works correctly and does not create extra companies.

  2. THEREFORE THE CUSTOMER WILL NEED TO PROVIDE: a list of 18-digit SalesforceIDs to be loaded into MetaCX upon initial setup should companies already exist in MetaCX.

  3. ONCE THE MANAGED PACKAGE IS INSTALLED: It will be important to ensure that companies synchronized previously must have the “Sync to MetaCX” object checked in Salesforce. This means that companies that were already created in MetaCX, will also need to have that box checked in Salesforce after being loaded.

  4. FOR AUTHENTICATION PURPOSES: Choose a Salesforce account that can properly access the necessary data in Salesforce. The standard choice for this is to use an account that has System Administrator type permissions. If another account is to be used--it must (at a minimum) have Api Enabled, Modify all Data, and Customize Application permissions turned on for that profile/user account. The integration will not initialize properly if these are not enabled for that user.




  1. To begin the installation process navigate to the CX Reactor > Connections.

  2. Within the connections page, locate the Salesforce Integration connection under the INTEGRATIONS section.

  3. Click SF_Icon.pngto start the process.

  4. Next, click Get Started to initiate the Integration Wizard.

  5. Start by creating a new Authentication. Set an Authentication Name and select the type of Salesforce Instance.

  6. Click Create, and follow the OAuth Flow to establish the authentication to your Salesforce instance. This will have you login to the Salesforce Account you want to sync with.pasted_image_0.png

  7. Once authentication is completed, you will now be able to select the relationship/perspective (usually Customers)  to use for data synchronization.

  8. Once the relationship is selected, two columns should appear to allow for mapping data between attributes. For the current data sync process,  some data types may not match. Therefore it is important to ensure that setup takes into account what data type is in what fields, before passing data into MetaCX.      unnamed.png

  9. The default mappings in this case should be: accountId to companyId (MetaKey in MetaCX), and name to name (company name to company name). 

  10. Next, the same process is applied to the person/contact object. In this case, the email address is mapped to the email address (in MetaCX).unnamed__1_.png

  11. If a person already exists within Salesforce, and within MetaCX, that people record will be properly updated in MetaCX without any tangible changes, unlike companies. 

  12. Click Finish to complete the mapping. 

    **Refer to the prerequisites section for company sync before starting this process**

  13. Next: install the managed package within Salesforce. Start by clicking on here within the final screen of the UI in MetaCX.pasted_image_0__1_.png

  14. First choose the account in Salesforce, and select “Install for all Users”.

  15. After clicking “Install” grant the necessary access to all users, then click “Done”.

  16. Next: add the “sync to MetaCX” account object. This is found in Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Account > Page Layout > Search Sync to MetaCX > then add to the intended layout by dragging the field into the intended section. (Sales layout next to account name for example).


  17. Now, check the page layout to ensure the Check Box was added to the page.

  18. If a new account is created in Salesforce, once that box is checked, a new company should be created and updated with all of the attributes included in the account profile in MetaCX.

  19. Any companies, once synchronized, that have profile updates--will pass unidirectionally to MetaCX.

  20. The persons/people object should automatically synchronize with MetaCX as it does not require a checkbox to be added to the layout. Again, if a person already exists in MetaCX (with an email address), people will sync without checking any boxes. However a people record will only update if an attribute is updated.
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