Slack Integration for MetaCX


Setting up the MetaCX Slack Integration

Receiving notifications that comments have been made within one of your organization’s bridges can help you stay connected even while you’re away from the MetaCX app. Taking advantage of our Slack integration is the perfect way to remain up-to-date with your organization’s work no matter where it is occurring, guaranteeing that you’ll never have to skip a beat!


  1. First navigate to the CXReactor.



  1. Next, click the Connections icon in the upper right corner of the page.



  1. Next, on the Connections page, click the Slack Integration connection.



  1. The Slack Integration modal will open, and then click the Get Started button.


  1. Next, add a new authentication by logging in with your Slack account. Click the “Add a new account” button to begin this process.



  1. Enter a name for the new authentication and click the Create button. A new browser window will be opened to a Slack confirmation page.



  1. Next, use the dropdown menu in the upper right corner to select the Slack Workspace to be connected to your MetaCX Org. Click the Allow button to complete the authentication process.



  1. Next, in the Slack Authentication modal, the account should now exist in the dropdown along with the text “Slack connected”. To make changes, click the pencil edit icon that appears when hovering over that listing in the dropdown menu. Remove connected accounts (when necessary) by clicking the delete icon from the dropdown menu. Then click the Next button.



  1. A prompt to select a channel from the connected Workspace will appear. The channel selected becomes the location for all notifications from MetaCX. MetacX suggests creating a dedicated channel for MetaCX notifications to avoid cluttering up existing ones.



  1. Next, click the Finish button to complete the Slack integration setup process. Confirm the connection was successful by looking at the Slack Integration icon on the Connections page. The border of the icon will now be a solid white and the “+” will no longer exist.




Verifying the Integration


  1. Upon successfully connecting your MetaCX organization to Slack, test to make sure notifications are being sent correctly. Navigate to a bridge and post a comment. First, navigate to the Companies page and select any organization.



  1. From the Company Details page, click the View Bridge button in the top center to open the currently assigned lifecycle bridge.



  1. If a bridge does not exist, this button will be replaced by the View Lifecycle Stages button. Start bridge creation by clicking the button.



  1. Next click the View Lifecycle Stages button. From here assign a current stage and start a Lifecycle Bridge.



  1. Once the Lifecycle Bridge has been opened, open the Comments drawer by clicking the Comments button in the upper right corner.



  1. Type a comment field then click Save to post the comment to the bridge.



  1. Lastly, if the Slack Integration has been connected properly, a notification will be sent to the designated channel.


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