A Company is a representation of one of your customers, vendors, or prospects whose success you want to monitor in MetaCX.

The Company screen is your view into the status and progress that your Companies are making, helping you identify the next steps that will deliver the best value to your customers. On each Company, you can see at a glance how well the Company is achieving its Outcomes and Success Milestones. It is also the central hub for the Company's People, Data Feeds, and Metrics.

A Company must exist in MetaCX for each customer, vendor, and prospect you want to monitor so that the system has a MetaKey, or unique Company identifier. The application uses the MetaKey to know which Signals relate to which Companies. The Company screen provides an aggregation point for all the information coming in for a particular Company and gives you a place to access that information.

Companies are so central to MetaCX that the list of Companies is the default view of the first screen you see when you log in to MetaCX. To open the Company screen for a Company in MetaCX, you simply choose one from the Network --> Companies view

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