Actions and Assets Overview


Actions are the activities that determine whether a company has met a success milestone. An action can be automatic or manual.

Automatic Action

  • An automatic action is based on a metric. You choose a metric and configure what value that metric needs to have to consider the action completed. MetaCX automatically monitors the company's value for the metric to determine when the action is complete. For example, you might want the action to be complete when the customer login (metric) equals (operator) 25 (value). You can choose any metric that has been created in the CXReactor.

Manual Action

  • A manual action is not based on a metric. It is simply an activity that you or someone at the company completes. When the manual action is completed, you select the checkbox next to the action on the success milestone. For example, you might want the action to be complete when you complete a training session with a new company.

Actions are a component of success milestones, so they appear anywhere you can view or edit a success milestone.

For either kind of Action, you indicate whether the Action affects the achievement of the Success Milestone. If you set the Action to affect the achievement of the Success Milestone, then the Company cannot achieve the Success Milestone until the Action is complete. Otherwise, the Action appears in the list, but the Milestone can be achieved even if the Action is not complete. At least one Action on each Success Milestone must affect its achievement.


Having reference documents near-at-hand, especially when you're completing Manual Actions, can be really helpful. For example, if you set up an Action to "complete new user training," having the training slide deck easily accessible from the Action would be convenient. By adding the slide deck to the Success Milestone Actions when you create it, the slide deck becomes available from every Company where you assign that Success Milestone. 

Assets are another feature of Success Milestones, so they are available anywhere you view or edit a Success Milestone. An Asset can be a file or a hyperlink to a file available on the internet. You can attach Assets to a particular Action or to the overall Success Milestone.



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