How to Combine Companies

This document provides instructions for combining MetaCX Companies that represent the same client. This document contains the following sections:

Outcomes and Audience

After reading this document, you should be able to:

icon-find-way_2x.png Understand why multiple Companies representing the same entity can be created in MetaCX and the importance of combining them.



Before you perform the procedures in this document, you should have:

  • Multiple Companies in your MetaCX account that represent the same customer, vendor, or prospect
  • A defined strategy for determining which of the duplicate Companies is the primary Company

If you haven't completed these prerequisites, you should continue working with your Implementation team before using the information in this document.

Companies in MetaCX

MetaCX measures your clients’ success against Success Milestones using Signals that you set up to come from your business systems, such as:

  • Customer life cycle information from your CRM
  • Accounting data from your billing system
  • Usage stats from your own application

Each of those systems uses its own unique identifier for each one of your clients. However, those systems don’t know about each other. For example, if WidgetCloud is one of your clients, the CRM’s ID for WidgetCloud doesn’t know anything about your billing system’s WidgetCloud ID, and it doesn’t care.

MetaCX, on the other hand, cares about all those unique identifiers and the information those systems keep about your clients. The first time MetaCX receives an event from one of your business systems about a client, MetaCX creates a unique identifier for the Company the represents that client. However, since events can come in from different systems about the same client, that process ends up creating duplicate Companies.

You need a way to tell MetaCX that those Companies represent the same client so MetaCX can combine the information from the Signals and give you a holistic view of how the client is performing against your Success Milestones. That’s where Alternate IDs and the process of combining Companies comes in.

Alternate IDs and Combining Companies

Combining Companies is just a process that tells MetaCX that two Companies actually represent the same client. You select one Company to be the primary, and combine others under that primary. The IDs of the combined Companies become Alternate IDs (or Alt IDs) of the Primary Company. From then on, MetaCX knows that events from Alternate ID Companies actually belong to the Primary Company.

If any of the duplicate Companies are ones you created manually, you should combine those under the Companies that the system generated automatically as a result of an event.

If any of the Companies you’re combining is the one MetaCX generated as a result of events coming from your own application, you should use that as the primary and combine all the other Companies under that one.

For example, first you would combine the WidgetCloud Company from the CRM under the WidgetCloud Company from your app. Then, you would combine the WidgetCloud Company from your billing system under the one from your app. You would NOT want to combine the Company from your billing system with the one from your CRM.


Why Combine Companies

You need to combine Companies so that you can get a holistic view of how your clients are succeeding against the Milestones. You want to get that information right away, but it’s even more urgent than that.

You want to combine Companies as early as possible after creating them in MetaCX. Once you combine Companies, all the Milestone data for the Company that was combined under the primary Company will be lost. Talk to your Implementation Consultant about options for automating the combining of Companies.

Combining Companies

Use the following steps to combine Companies.

IMPORTANT: Once you combine Companies, you can’t uncombine them. You might want to talk to your Implementation Consultant before you use the steps in this procedures to make sure you are using the best combining strategy.

  1. From the Companies view of the CSM Workspace, click the Manage Companies button in the bottom right corner.
  2. Choose Edit Companies from the menu that appears. The list of Companies changes so that there is a check box next to each one.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the two Companies you want to combine.
  4. Click the Combine button combine_icon.png. A window pops up asking you which Company's logo and name you want to keep.
  5. Choose the radio button of the Company that you want to be the primary and click Combine. MetaCX keeps the Success Milestone data for the primary Company and, going forward, captures Success Milestone data for the combined Company under the primary.

What's Next

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