Success Milestones Overview


Success Milestones are the measurement of specific actions related to the achievement of desired business Outcomes. They are the stepping stones to outcome achievement. 

Success Milestones can be derived from the completion of a task or project or by meeting the minimal threshold related to a customer activity. They can be tracked automatically via MetaCX Metrics or manually within the application.

How to Create and Assign a Milestone

Why is Milestone Achievement Important?

Milestone achievement is a great indication of customer health. The more a customer progresses toward a desired business Outcome, the healthier they become. If Milestones aren’t being achieved, MetaCX allows you to see what actions your customers are falling short on so that you can proactively correct your customers’ behaviors.

At the aggregate, you can see what percentage of your customers are consistently taking actions that will lead to value from your product. For this reason, Milestones can be used to gauge how healthy your customer base is as a whole.

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