Signals Overview

What is a Signal?

A MetaCX Signal is an event pulled from any data source that captures a piece of the customer experience. Signals can be related to user activity, product activity, server side activity, or even backend processing. 

Why MetaCX Uses Signals?

Across the customer lifecycle, your customers interact with multiple systems and individuals through countless customer touchpoints. Organizing these interactions and data points is extremely difficult, but necessary. MetaCX makes it easy to capture and organize customer activity across all systems and data sources to gain a complete, central view of the customer experience. 

How to Use Signal's in MetaCX?

Once data is captured in MetaCX, the CXReactor lets you turn raw events into actionable Signals. You can then use Signals to create Metrics, trigger reactions, and so much more. Once the CXReactor has emitted a Signal, the rest of the platform relies solely on the signal and not the original event.


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