Events Overview

What is an Event in MetaCX?

An event is a raw data payload that a piece of software (an "event source") sends through a connection to the CXReactor when a particular activity occurs. Once data is captured in MetaCX, the CXReactor lets you turn raw events into actionable signals. You can then use signals to create metrics, trigger reactions, and so much more. 

Where are Events located in MetaCX?

Events do not have a screen in MetaCX because you do not create, edit, or delete events within the application; they come directly from event sources. Events in MetaCX are immutable and every event is saved. Even when an event source sends an update to a record, the platform creates a new record and ties it to the old one so that the change history is never lost. 

Once the CXReactor has emitted a signal, the rest of the platform relies solely on the signal and not the original event.

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