MetaReactor Overview


The MetaReactor is a powerful tool that transforms unprocessed events from any data source into valuable signals that can be acted upon. The MetaReactor seamlessly integrates with other areas of the MetaCX application to provide actionable insights by effectively organizing and optimizing data. That optimization prepares the data to be used within Metrics.

At the core of MetaCX's operations lies an event-driven framework. Business systems supply data events to MetaCX, which then applies customizable rules to analyze and interpret the data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and take meaningful actions.


You navigate to the MetaReactor by clicking this icon from the organization management screen:



By default, the MetaReactor shows you a list of Signals that are configured in your account.


You can change the view of the MetaReactor to show a list of Connections or Data Feeds by using these buttons in the upper right-hand corner:


The MetaReactor has tools to view, create, edit, and delete the Connections, Signals, or Data feeds, depending on which view you're using. This document discusses Connections. Click these links to read the articles about Signals and Data Feeds.







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