How to Manage a Success Milestone on a Company


Success Milestones on a Company

Once a success milestone has been created and aligned to a company, you have the ability to add it to the outcomes defined on the company's success plan and make edits based on that prospect or customer's specific needs.

Add and Remove Associated Success Milestone on an Outcome

Step 1

From the customer relationship, use the search bar to easily locate the company you are working with.


Click into the Company.

Step 2

From the company's success plan view, you can select specific success milestones to contribute to the success of outcomes by hovering over the edit button. 


Click Add or Remove Associated Milestones.

Step 3

Using the Search Milestones capability, select which milestones contribute to the success of the outcome. Click Save.

Deleting a success milestone

The steps to remove an associated success milestone from an outcome are similar to adding an associated success milestone. The only difference is to unselect which milestones to remove from the outcome. Note the following message when removing milestones from outcomes.


Edit an Associated Success Milestone on a Company

You have the ability to edit the associated success milestone directly on the company success plan to suit the company's specific needs.

Step 1

From the company's success plan, select the desired success milestone, and click Edit.

Tip:  The changes you make to the success milestone on this company do not affect the success milestone definition or other instances of the success milestone assigned to other companies.

Step 2

Edit the success milestone.

  • Create new actions
  • Edit existing action names, descriptions, deadline dates, and milestone achievement status
  • Add new assets
  • Edit assets on existing actions
  • Delete existing actions

Note: You cannot edit the success milestone name, icon, or description. 

Click Save.

Unassign an Associated Success Milestone to a Company

There are two options to unassign an associated success milestone from a company - directly in the company profile or in the success milestone definition.

Removing the success milestone does not change the success milestone definition or its association to other companies. However, removing the success milestone does have important impacts:

  • Any edits made to the success milestone on the company will be lost. If you re-associate the success milestone to the company, the system will make a new copy of the success milestone definition, which will not look the same as the customized instance you had before.
  • Historical data on the timeline may be affected.
  • If the success milestone was added to any outcomes on the company, it will be unassociated.
  • The overall percentage of the success milestone (how many companies are achieving the success milestone) will change.

Option 1:  Unassign directly from the Company 

Step 1

From the company's success plan, select the success milestone from the list to unassign.

Step 2

Click the unassign link that appears under the success milestone's name and description.


Click Unassign.

Option 2:  Unassign from the Success Milestone Definition

Step 1

Once in the customer relationship, click the success milestone icon in the upper-right corner of the application.


Step 2

Once in the success milestone definition, use the search bar to easily locate the success milestone you would like to assign to a company.


Step 3

Click the down arrow next to the name of the success milestone and select Edit Assignment.


Unselect one or multiple companies to which you want to unassign the success milestone to, and then select the Update Assignment to # Companies button.

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