How to Manage Assets

What is an Asset?

An asset is a file or link that provides additional information. Having reference documents near-at-hand, especially when you're completing manual actions, can be really helpful.  You have the option to add assets to success milestones as well as share them in a bridge. Learn more about the value of assets here

Success Milestone Assets

Step 1

Once you have clicked on a success milestone, go into edit mode on the top right, navigate to Assets, and click  + ADD ASSET


Step 2

Once you have made your selections, the assets will appear in this section.

Tip: If you add an attachment, a paper clip icon will appear next to the action. All assets, regardless of whether they are attached to an action, appear in the list on the assets tab.

Deleting Assets

You can later delete assets assigned to actions by editing the success milestone and choosing the action on the actions tab. From there, click the trash can icon next to the asset you want to delete.



Bridge Assets

Offer additional information to prospects and customers you've invited to a bridge by adding assets. 

Step 1

Once you are in the bridge, click the document icon on the top right.


Step 2

From there, you can add as many assets as you'd like or view what has already been uploaded. 

Tip: Drag the Asset window out to expand your view of all the assets available. 


Deleting Assets

Hover over an asset to edit or remove it from the bridge.


Tip:  We support file sizes up to 20mb on an asset. We recommend for larger files, consider uploading to a “google drive” type service and use the “URL” asset field.

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