How to Filter by Company

Company Filtering

Filtering the company grid enables you to optimize company management at scale and improve the experience for viewing and navigating your companies.

You are able to filter your company grid by drop-down company attribute types. You can filter up to 10 attribute values at one time. Your selected filter will remain as you navigate to and from the company grid.

Add a filter

  1. Click the Filter button in the upper left corner of the company grid
  2. A popover will appear with existing drop-down company attributes


3. For each attribute, hover to see the available filters

4. For any filter, select the valueScreen_Shot_2021-12-06_at_11.21.48_AM.png

  1. Click the Apply Filter button
  2. Filters will be displayed from left > right above the company grid

Remove a filter

Click the checkbox on an individual filter tag or the 'Clear All' button to remove the filter


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