Metrics are used to track the progress of various numerical or financial goals. A Metric tracks a single goal and can be either automated or manual.

Add Metrics

You can add a metric to the bridge if you are an administrator, an owner of the bridge, or have edit permissions.

To add an existing metric, navigate to Metrics and click the “Add Metric” button. The Add metrics modal will appear.



This modal will contain all metrics that have been created on the global metric page. The metrics that are selected are already on the bridge.

Check/uncheck the metrics you want to appear on the bridge and click the “Save” button to display them in the list on the Bridge.


Filter Metrics

Metrics are filterable by the owner. By default, the metric list will display the filtered list based on the logged in user and the organization they are associated with.

View by Time Frame

Metric cards can be viewed by time frame to display the historic values associated with Metrics added to the Bridge. To change the time frame view, click the dropdown menu at the top right of the Metric Table (set to Current by default).

The available time frame options are All Time, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.


Once a time unit has been selected, the user can navigate to a specific time using forward and backward arrows next to the time unit selection (the default range for all time units is Current).

The forward and backward arrows move the range one full unit at a time. The time frame view applies to all added Metrics.

Alias Metric

An Alias Metric is a Metric that has been configured to display a custom name and description for a specific bridge. To edit the title or description for a metric card on the bridge, navigate to the Metrics page using the left nav.


Upon landing, click the three-dot menu in the card you’d like to edit and select “Modify title & description” from the appearing list.


In the appearing “Modify title & description” modal, you can make changes to the title and description then click “Save” to confirm them.


Link Metrics

A linked Metric is associated to a signal and automatically tracked based on various numerical activity types such as Bridge views and comments. These Metrics can impact achievements.

View Metrics

View Metrics allows you to view the details of any individual metric. To access the details of the Metric, click on the three dot menu on the metric. Then, click 'View Metric'.


The Metric will open and provide more detail on that Metric. It will also allow you to edit the metric. You can change the Metric by time and edit the description of the Metric.



Delete Metrics

A metric can be removed from the bridge if you are an administrator, an owner of the bridge, or have edit permissions.

To remove a metric click the “three-dot” icon on the metric card in the top right corner. Click the “Remove from Bridge” option. The metric will be removed from the Bridge, but it will remain on any associated outcomes


You can also remove a metric through the “Add metrics” modal. Simply uncheck the metric you don’t want, click the “Save” button, and they will be removed.



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