Team members can be added to a Bridge for ease of viewing important people associated with the Bridge. These team members can be viewed within the top navigation bar.

Add a user
Users can be added to a team by clicking the pencil edit button in the top nav bar of a bridge. Using the appearing “Add team members” modal, you can select any number of users in my organization from the list.


Click “Save” to complete the process. 

Remove a user
Users can be removed from a team by using a similar flow. First, click the pencil edit button in the top nav to open the “Edit team” modal.


You can then deselect users who have already been added to the team and click “Save” to remove them.

View Team Member Information
If you need to reference a team member’s information, you can do so by clicking their user icon from the top nav bar. If the user you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the nav bar directly, you’ll first have to click the + button to expand the full list of team members.

From the team members list, simply click a user and their information will appear in a new modal.



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