How to Create a Bridge



A bridge is a shared space where you and a prospect or customer can collaborate around a success plan. Within the bridge, you’re able to define and track the progression of desired business outcomes, success milestones, metrics, and more.

Anyone who is invited to the bridge can make comments, share assets, and establish ownership around key action items. By offering a customer facing experience, you can ensure that the value you’re bringing to the table is clearly understood by your most important accounts.

Where do you create a Bridge?

A bridge is created in the backstage view of a company's profile.


How to Create a Bridge

    1. From a company's profile, click 'Create Bridge' button in the top right header section.
    2. When you create a new bridge, you'll start with a clean slate. Navigate to the different tabs within the Bridge to add Outcomes, Metrics, Assets, and Action Plans.


To edit the bridge name, click the pencil icon to the right of the name. A text field will appear. To save the bridge name, tab or press enter.


To edit the bridge description, click Add a description or click the edit pencil icon to the right of the existing description. To save the bridge description, click Save.


Once you're ready to share the bridge, click on Share and add the email addresses of the contacts you'd like to share with.


How to Close a Bridge

To close out of a Bridge, click the back arrow in the top left header section of the Bridge.


You will be redirected to the company profile upon close.

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