How to Create an Automatic and Manual Metric


This article will show you how to create an automatic and manual metric.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step One: Select the 'Value >> Metric >> All Metric' option in the navigation. 

Step Two: To create a Metric, click the '+Add Metric' button. You will see two options listed, 'Create Automatic Metric' and 'Create Manual Metric'


How to Create an Automatic Metric

Step One: Select 'Create Automatic Metric' option and the Automatic Metric screen will appears.

Step Two: After you enter a Name and Description for the Metric, you will need to define the Calculation that the Metric will perform.


Metrics can perform a count, sum, or average. Select the option for the kind of calculation that you would like and it will appear in the field. A list of Signals will also be available for you to select.

If you choose Count, you need only select a Signal to count. If you choose Sum or Average, you need to specify one number-type field from the Signal.

Select the Signal that contains the field you want, and then type a period (.) after the Signal name. A list of number-type fields in that Signal appears. Select the field that you want the Metric to Sum or Average.

In addition to the calculation, you can add Dimensions to your Metric. Dimensions let you further break down the view of the data.


How to Create a Manual Metric

Step One: Select the 'Create Manual Metric' option and the Manual Metric new screen appears.


Step Two: Fill out required fields:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Select a Currency, Number, or Percent based on what type of value the Manual Metric will be tracking


Step Three: Click the 'Save' Button to save the Metric

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