How to Create Initiatives


An Initiative can be used to track and/or manage long term goals of an organization.

For example, an enterprise company is joining a MetaCX application and they are setting up their data in MetaCX. The company will already have its own long term goal they want to achieve.

Example: "Go green by 2030" can be one of its goals.

To create an Initiative they will need multiple companies, outcome and metrics to track their goals. Initiatives, therefore, provide an overview (or breakdown) of how a company can achieve their goals.


How to Create an Initiative

Select 'Value' in the VAN header to navigate to the Initiatives page in MetaCX 


To add your first Initiative click the ‘Add Initiative Button'


Enter a name and a description for your Initiative.


After you have added a name and a description to the initiative, you have the option to add a business Icon or business logo (You can only upload jpg, jpeg, png, or gif files under 500kb)

Note - Adding an icon is optional and not required


Then, click 'Save' to save the Initiative


After clicking 'Save', you will then be taken to the company's profile page







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