How to Remove a Stakeholder(s) or Company(s) from an Initiative


Once the initiative is created Stakeholder(s) or Company(s), Outcomes and Metrics can be removed from their respective views. You will learn how to remove a Stakeholder or Company from the Stakeholder page.

Prerequisites: You must already have a Stakeholder(s) or Company(s) added to the initiative in order to remove it.

Please follow the below Guide:

Step One: Hover over the Stakeholder or Company icon you would like to remove from the list.


Step Two: Click the three dot menu and select the option to 'Remove from Initiative'


Step Three: The remove Stakeholder or Company modal will pop-up. Click the 'Remove' button to remove the Stakeholder or Company from the Initiative.

Note - Removing a Stakeholder or Company will also remove all their associated outcomes from the initiative. You can still access the Stakeholder or Company and their outcomes from the Company section.


Step Four: You will be routed back to the Stakeholder profile page. The Stakeholder or Company that was removed will no longer show on the Stakeholder page.


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