Add a Cover Photo to an Initiative


This article will show you how to add a cover photo to an Initiative. Please note the cover Photo will only be added to the selected Initiative and not every Initiative you have created for your company profile.

Step One: Select the Initiative you would like to add a cover photo


Step Two: You will be taken to the Initiative Profile page. Then, select the three dots menu in the upper right corner of the Initiative page.

Step Three: A drop-down menu will populate. Select the 'Add cover Image' to add a cover photo


Step Four: Select the photo you would like to add from the files on your computer, then, click 'Open' to add the photo

Note: You can only upload jpg, jpeg, png, or gif files under 500kb


A box will pop-up indicating that the image is loading


Step Five: Reposition the Image to the desired look, then, click 'Save'

Note - If you do not like the image, click 'Cancel' to upload another image


After you click 'Save' you will be able to see the image on the Initiative. 

Note - You will still have the option to change the image. (redo steps 1 -5)


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