How to Change Perspectives


You will learn how to change perspectives on your MetaCX instance. Please follow the step-by-step guide below

Step-by-step Guide:

Step One: Login to your MetaCX account. You will be directed to the landing page of your MetaCX instance.


Step Two: To change your perspective, click on the dropdown available at the top left side of your screen. You will find a list of perspectives that is already available in your instance. To know more about perspectives and managing perspectives, please refer to the ‘Manage perspectives’ article.'


Step Three: Select your desired perspective. In this case the current perspective is ‘Customers’ and I’m switching to ‘Vendors’


Step Four: Click on ‘Vendors’ to change your perspective to ‘Vendors’. You will see that the contents in you current screen will be updated to match the data as per your new perspective ‘Vendors’.

Also, You will see a success toast message.


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