Why MetaKeys Matter


MetaKeys are not a highly visible feature of MetaCX. Once the MetaKeys are configured, MetaCX uses them behind-the-scenes. CSM users of MetaCX might never need to know the MetaKey values of their Companies or even what a MetaKey is.

However, MetaKeys are essential to the function of the product and should be top-of-mind when initially instrumenting your account. During setup, you need to consider how you want to view your data because you will be able to use the Dimension Explorer to pivot your event data on the types of MetaKeys. Having those MetaKey types in place from the beginning gives you more flexibility because you won't need to clean up existing data for MetaKeys that you don't think to create until after data is already in the system.

For example, if you would like to see your login Metric organized by user ID and also by device type, then you'll need to set up MetaKeys for user ID and for device type.

Another important reason to understand MetaKeys and your own data structure before you start is because you will be able to choose one of your business systems — probably either your own application or you CRM — to have the power to instantiate Companies.

That means when you pass in an event from that system that has a AltKey value that MetaCX doesn't already know, the system will create a new CompanyID MetaKey value. Failing to understand the relationship between the MetaKeys and the AltKeys in this situation can lead to a lot of data clean-up down the road.

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