Creating MetaKeys with the API

You create MetaKeys by adding a metaKeys object array to the event payload. The MetaKey object requires the following fields:

Field Name Description
name The name of the Meta Key.

The name of the AltKey. For example, if the record is in Salesforce, you may use SFID as the company id. In that case, the AltKey would be SFID. We recommend naming AltKeys in such a way that the source of the key can be easily determined from the name.

field The name of a field that contains the AltKey value. For example, if the AltKey is accountId, then each event in the data array should include the field accountId.


Example Event Payload

The following sample json payload shows what an opportunity change record in Salesforce might look like for the fictional Company Faceplace.

The companyId is the MetaKey. The SFID is the identifier Salesforce uses and the AltKey.



"eventKey": "oppty-changed",

"metaKeys": [{

"metaKeyName": "companyid",

"alternateKeyName": "SFID",

"field": "accountId"


"data": [{

"name": "Faceplace.",

"accountId": "sf12345"



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