First time login experience


This article will show a New user experience and what an initative email from MetaCX will look like in your email.


The following will need to have already been done in order to view your invitation email

  • A New User Account will need to be created in a MetaCX instance

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: The user receives an email invitation to join their MetaCX instance. User clicks on the ‘Accept Invite’ button


Step 2: User is navigated to MetaCX ‘Set your password’ screen. 


Step 3: Now the user is navigated to the Login page.


Step 4: User then proceeds to Two Factor Authentication via Mobile phone


Step 5: The user is provided with the recovery code modal. Users can use the recovery code in case they want to login without the mobile phone


Step 6: The user is now directed to the ‘MetaCX’ welcome page. Here in this step, users can give their First name, Last name and also upload their profile photo.


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