How to Create a Narrative


This article will show you how to create and save a Narrative.


The following will need to have already been created in order to create and save a Narrative.

  • An Initiative
  • Stakeholders
  • An Initiative Bridge

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step One: Navigate to your Company bridge you would like to create the Narrative.

Step Two: Click on 'Narrative' on the side menu. Then, click 'Add Narrative' to create a new Narrative.


Step Three: Create a name for your Narrative and click 'Save'.


Step Four: You will then be navigated to a blank Narrative Card for you to fill out.


Step Five: Fill in your Narrative and add a Hero Image. When you are finished, click 'Save'.


Step Six: If you need to rename the title of your Narrative, click the ''Three Dot' Menu >> Edit Title'. A Modal will appear and you will have the option of renaming the name of your Narrative.

If you want the Narrative to be set as the Landing Page, click the ''Three Dot' Menu >> Set as Landing Page'. The Narrative will then be set as the Landing Page on the Initiative Bridge.

If you want to add more information to your Narrative, click the ''Three Dot' Menu >> Edit Narrative.'

Step Seven: When you are finished with your Narrative, click the Back Arrow Button on the Narrative. Then, you will be routed back to the Narrative page located on the Initiative Bridge. You will see your saved Narrative appear as a card on the Narrative page. 


Optional Step: If you wish to view your newly created Narrative as the Landing Page for the Initiative Bridge, click the name of the Initiative Bridge 'Test Narrative #1' option on the side navigation. You will then see your Narrative set as the Landing page.


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